Where can I find the game rules?

The basic rules of game can be found ingame help section.

What are XP, Levels and how does it work?

With every game you play you build up experience points (XP). When you have enough experience you will level up. A level indicates how experienced you are in the game itself. You will also be able to gain medals whilst playing.

When do I receive more eggs gift?

There are a variety of gifts handed out freely by GameZoka. The most well-known gift is the hourly gift. This gift will be handed out on a 3 hourly basis to every household that logs in into the game. Other gifts include a welcome gift for new players, gifts send by your friends and gifts that can be obtained by participating in events and on our Facebook pages.

Gift from watching short video while you are ingame.

How do I purchase eggs?

Click on the ‘Buy Egg’ button in our game and it will open up our egg shop.

How long does it take before I receive my purchase?

Purchases are normally instant, however some payment methods are known to take a bit longer. If you haven’t received your purchase within 24 hours chances are something went wrong. Please do contact us in that case.

Can I send eggs to my friends?

You can send free daily gift to your friends by click on “Gifts” button then choose “Send gifts”

What are the system requirements to play on GameZoka?

Roughly said, any computer, Smartphone with an internet connection would be sufficient. However for our recommendations please have a look at our Minimum requirements:

IOS: iPad® Air™ or newer, iPad® 4 or newer, iPad® mini™ 2 or newer, iPhone® 5 or newer, iPod Touch® 6 or newer, Operating System: iOS 6.0 or later

Android: Operating System: The latest (non-beta) version of Android

Processor      1.2 GHz or better      1.5 GHz or better

Memory          1 GB RAM     2 GB RAM

What to do when the game doesn't load?

There are several explanations why a game would not load. The most common loading issue has to do with network connection. Please make sure your network connections service is enabled and running. If the issue still exists after checking your network connection please contact our Support Team.

How do I change my personal settings such as password and e-mail?

When you are using our Facebook apps we will automatically update your e-mail address and information such as gender & Date of Birth.

Where do I change my avatar?

While ingame you can change your current avatar by click on the image like below

user profile

How can I chat while playing?

While playing in any room, you can chat by click on the button in the red circle below:

user profile  

Can I create my own room?

Sure you can. In the main menu, you click the button “Rooms” and choose one of room’s name -> Lobby then you can create 2 types of room: Classic or Strategy

How to play with my friends in my own room?

You can invite your friends or tell them what is your room’s name, for example you choose the “John HanCock” room, and then your friends must choose that so they can see your room in their lobby.

What reward will I get when level up?

You will receive a lot of eggs and presents, Level up to find out now!

I want to know the maximum bet level in PlayRisk

It is 500 eggs, and you can choose the score level to win up to 2500 eggs.

Play Risk mode can be keep for how long?

It save your game up to 3 hours, so don’t be worry if you have to leave while playing. Note: only in Play Risk mode.

Can I change my basic dice and cup into another different kind?

Of course, you can definitely personalize them. There are plenty kinds of dice and cups in Shop for you to choose.

I want to turn off Notifications

While in game, choose “Setting” button -> game option -> Push Notifications, then you can push it on/off

Can I change eggs into real money?

Although Eggs can now be purchased through our software, Eggs still has no monetary value in itself and it cannot be withdraw, sold or converted into real money. Eggs are designed purely for amusement purposes. For more details, please check out our Terms of service.

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